Reviews- mind your wallet, pal...

Mind your wallet, pal...

Clever marketing people have realised that you're reading this blog, and have started sending me their products to review.

Apparently it's called 'blagging' instead of blogging. But hey ho, why not? These nappies aren't going to buy themselves.

Also, I thought it might be a bit of a laugh.

I was once a secret shopper at Morrisons in Leeds and that was quite good. A bit like being a spy, but without M or the licence to kill.

I don't think this is necessarily going to be the same.

But we'll see. So, I've set up a blog specifically for that. It's called mind your wallet, pal...

Obviously, being offered things to review places you under a bit of a sense of obligation not to be mean about the things you've been given for free.

That's just manners.

But it's basically not on if the stuff's rubbish.

So I'll be honest. Firm but fair, as my Nanny used to say.

Have a look for yourself and let me know what you chinny reckon.

How does your garden grow


  1. Many congratulations on your lovely news! You reminded me of my own Savoy cabbage days, though I hadn't taken the information on board properly and didn't know the leaves were meant to be removed before going to bed. No wonder health visitor tried to prod me from other side of room. Well done too on shortlisting - hope to see you at BritmumsLive with little one? xJo

  2. Sorry, posted in wrong place. Was cruising your site and meant to leave comment under last week's post !

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