Sunday 11 June 2017

Week 264- Funk the Family...

OK, so I think it’s fair to say that for the time being, I’ve hung up my festival Bardot top, wellies and unflattering cut off, camel toe-inducing denim shorts.

I can’t really see myself spending the best part of £200 to traipse around a field half pissed on weak lager that cost me seven quid, watching some band that I should know, but clearly don’t as my cultural references appear to grind to a halt around 2005.

Which, lets be honest, was not a ground-breaking year for great music.

It also makes me feel so fucking old.

I watch Glastonbury on TV and everyone either looks too young to get served, or knocking on middle aged and could probably tell you about the first time they went to Glastonbury.

When you didn’t need to jump the fence.

 Cos it was that long ago that they didn’t even have a fence.

I don't want to be that guy.

So when my mate asked if me and the family would like to go to the festival she's involved with, Funk the Family, in Hove, with Jazzie B from Soul II ‘shit me I can feel semi cool again’ Soul playing, I was like, yeah go on then.*

The thing is, I want to do good stuff with the kids, but occasionally it would be amazing to do stuff that we all genuinely enjoy.

That’s not to say that I’m not having a ball at the soft play when I don’t see them for hours on end until they emerge from the scrum of kids now and then, sweating and breathlessly demanding another overpriced Fruit Shoot.

I do, course I do.

But the thought of going to something where it kind of feels like 'old me' and 'mum me' colliding would be refreshing to say the least.

To show the kids that there is something out there beyond the Trolls sound track that we can all dance to together, now that would be terrific.

(Terrific? Seriously, I'm even starting to talk like my dad.)

I’m not going to do the hard sell on this one, check out the website, see the line up and the other activities, and if you fancy a trip to Brighton (Hove actually) and free on Father’s Day (easy win!) then it’s totally worth going.

The tickets are also only thirty quid for an adult and a tenner for kids for the day, which is cheaper than a cup of tea in the Sealife Centre**.

Second thoughts I’m going to dust off those massively tight denim shorts, cos where else am I going to have the opportunity to publicly embarrass my kids by wearing them?

*I was totally uncool about it and e-mailed back within 30 seconds. 
** It’s not, but it’s pretty close.