Sunday, 11 December 2016

Week 239- front room discos and eating like it's Christmas...

I am so getting into this Christmas lark, way more than the children.

They just want to sit off and watch telly but recently we’ve started to have a Christmas disco.

By disco I mean I put on youtube through the TV and dance to Fairytale of New York whilst the kids sit on the sofa whinging about when I’m going to put Shimmer and Shine back on.

Well, when people said Christmas comes into it’s own when you have kids, they were right.

I’ve watched The Snowman twice, The Polar Express and Elf and that’s just this weekend.

I’ve started buying a Lindt Christmas rabbit (but is it?) every time I walk past our posh newsagents as a matter of habit.

I’m having mince pies as an inbetween snack snack.

And I don’t even like them.

I am thinking about drinking ‘Christmas’ wine from about 2pm onwards.

In fact, if you preface most things with ‘Christmas’, you can get away with doing and eating anything.

Right then, I’m off to have a Christmas Snickers and watch a Christmas episode of Corrie on catch up.

I've got this festive shit nailed.


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