Sunday, 25 September 2016

Week 229- get organised and on time. It's started...

It's just dawned on me the Nancy is going to be going to school for the next FOURTEEN YEARS.

That we need to get her to school on time for the next FOURTEEN YEARS.

That’s SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY WEEKS of trying to get her and her brother fed, dressed in something half clean and out the door by eight thirty.

Starting tomorrow.

And breathe…

*After I’ve set an alarm on my phone, Ben’s phone, my watch, the oven and the wind up alarm clock.*


  1. Condolences on this sad realisation , it could be worse . You get a 10 year gap then your doing the same yet again with a grandchild...

  2. thanks for the reminder - i set my phone alarm each day to remember to pick her up from school but had forgotten to set it today! x

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