Sunday, 12 June 2016

Week 245- packed cars, squashed kids and family-friendly cottages...

OK, so we’re going away as a family next weekend to Cornwall. This is properly going away, staying in a cottage, with a roof. Not another bloody tent.

There are animals there, and a swimming pool. In fact, it sounds like Bosinver is pretty much kitted out with everything you need for a trip away with kids.

So, my question is, if you have small children, what do you need to have already waiting for you so that you don’t need to bring a car/ trailer/ one of those roof things that looks like a small boat, full of stuff?

Packing for a family holiday...

For me it was always the travel cot, it would take up three quarters of the boot and then no child in their right mind ever wants to sleep in it anyway, so you all end up squashed in a queen-sized bed, but you have to bring it every single time you go away JUST INCASE.

When Nancy was a little baby, I used to pack the bloody steriliser too. It’s the size of a breadmaker and almost always had about half a cup of rank water sloshing around in the bottom ready to drip all over you when you were two minutes into a four hour journey. So there’s that too.

And another...

In fact I could probably do without bringing most of the shit I drag along with us.

If truth be told I dream of the day when I can fit all out stuff, including my straighteners into one of those pully suitcase things.

So, what would you want to see in a cottage that was specifically marketed as family-friendly?


  1. child gates every bleedin where , so you can cage the little buggers

  2. Ha! I'm totally with you on that one! x

  3. socket covers! We stayed in spain with sockets everywhere within reach of little fingers - right by their beds - freaked me out completely. Re: Travel cots - i'd highly highly recommend a koodi pop up one as it is tiny compared to normal ones and is soft and flexible - we did a road trip around the uk with ours and it was amazing. Your son might be getting to the age of outgrowing it as it doesn't go up to age of normal travel cot but for those early months - it was fab. I think miss T used her's until around age 2 and a half. You'd be welcome to ours if you still need such a thing. x

    1. Thank you! There is a grown-up bed where we're staying, this is the first time he's slept in one and has slept so well. I'm not sure how I'm going to cram him into his cot bed when we get home!! x

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