Sunday 15 May 2016

Week 242- VOTE FOR ME (play it cool, play it cool...)

Ok, so I’ve been writing this frigging blog for forever.

(Well since I became a mum, which, some days TOTALLY feels like forever.)

And since then I have been nominated for blog awards four times.


I’ve got down to the shortlist of one and even got to go to the swanky dinner with free booze, but I had only just found out I was pregnant again so mainlined squash all night.

So I have actually won an award ZERO times.



Now, I don’t want to get all poor me about it*, as the people who did win were brill, but, now I’ve been nominated for the BiB awards again in the Writer category, and the deadline for votes is this Wednesday 18 May and I have done approximately nothing about promoting it.

So, if you read my blog and like it, relate to it, find it mildly amusing, then please could you vote for me- the link is here and my blog is in section 7.


*Totally getting poor me about it.