Sunday 20 March 2016

Week 234- the MAD blog award nominations have opened...

So- it’s that time of year again- The MAD blog award nominations.

I started writing this blog in 2011 not long after I gave birth to my daughter, Nancy.

I don’t know whether she’s going to look back on it when she’s older and think it’s a totally brill thing, an insight into her early years and how her mum adjusted to having a tiny baby.

Or she’s going to kill me when she realises I’ve documented when she shit-kicked me in the face.

Or how I still piss myself now when I sneeze.

Or how utterly terrified I was when she was born.

How scared I was to be in charge of a brand new life.

And how immediately and fiercely I loved her.

And now she has a little brother, Thomas, who is a completely different child.

Who challenges me everyday.

Who draws all over his grandparent’s white sofa with a black permanent marker.

But who can get away with murder when he gives you a face-grabbing, snot-rubbing, smacker on the lips.

And how I can only ever think of the two of them as my team.

Because if I think I have two children it feels so unbelievably grown up- like someone else’s life.

Thanks so much for reading my blog.

If you enjoy it, I’d be made up if you could vote for me in the MAD blog awards in the Best Writer category. The link is here.

And tell your mates too- because it’s all about the votes.

Massively big thanks in advance.


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