Sunday 31 January 2016

Week 226- stories, secrets and putting on our play...

After the best part of two years, talking to hundreds of women face-to-face, and thousands more on-line about the challenges of growing up in the UK, our play, Three Generations of Women, is finally being professionally produced and touring the country.

Women have shared the most incredible stories with us; stories of bravery, of fighting for what’s important to them, and of keeping secrets to protect their family.

So many secrets.

And from those stories we have woven a play.

It is a story of the horrors of moving back in with your mum in your 30s, of finally appreciating the best piece of advice your grandmother ever gave you and of extraordinary family secrets held across the generations.  

If you live in or near Brighton, London, Manchester or Leeds and have a free night in March, then it would be a wonderful if you came to see the production- the details of the dates are here. 

Or if you would like to read some of the moving stories women have contributed, check out the website, and why not add your own?

This whole project has been such a privilege and I really hope I can share it with you.

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