Sunday, 10 January 2016

Week 222- sleeping, not sleeping and calling time on co-sleeping...

I have sleep trained my son to never leave our bed.


Having flicked through the bulging bookshelves of unread baby books, the unanimous message seemed to be, lie them down in their bed, then go back at regularly intervals to tuck them back in and reassure them that you're around until they eventually get fed up or get the message and nod off.

Now, our son has never gone to sleep in his own bed. 

We have, since he was born, got him to sleep in our room and then transferred him into his own cot once he'd nodded off so that his big sister might stand half a chance of getting to sleep before we brought him in.

But of late he hasn't been so down with the 'nodding off' bit.

He'd down his bottle of milk like a drunk when the barmaid shouts 'time at the bar.'

He'd humour me while I read him a couple of stories.

And then, at the point where he used to previously snuggle down and go to sleep, he had started to just get up, hop off the bed and walk out, shouting 'die die' and waving at me like the queen mother. 

(He can't say bye yet so it's not as aggressive as it sounds.)

Anyway, after a couple of weeks of this, I'd totally had enough so thought that it was about time to get him down in his own bedroom.

I had idyllic visions of reading to both children, saying night and then closing the door while they both blissfully dozed off and I opened a bottle of Merlot before Coronation Street had even started. 

Day one.

Ben put him down in the cot while our daughter went to sleep in our bed.

But he wouldn't even lie down.

He held onto the side of the cot, jumping up and down screaming 'DADDDDDIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!' about a times million before the three minutes was up, when Ben was to 'soothe him back to sleep.'

Another five minutes of this and our daughter was then sitting with me watching Come Dine With Me, complaining that she couldn't get to sleep cos her brother was making too much noise.

Ten more minutes and Ben eventually gave him a cuddle as he was starting to hyperventilate.

And within 4 seconds he was fast asleep on his shoulder.

Day two and it was my turn.

I made it to the five minute interval of listening to him sob uncontrollably before giving him a hug.

And now, he absolutely refuses to even get into his cot.

It's as if he associates it with being abandoned.

We've totally broken him.

We have had to go back to basics, getting him to sleep in our bed, but now, when we transfer him into his cot, he wakes as we lower him in, and shouts 'NO NO NO!'

So now we have our son sleeping starfish in our bed all night long.

And I have no idea how to get him out again.

I have broken my son's spirit and I think he will now be sleeping in our bed until we go into a nursing home.

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