Sunday, 22 November 2015

Week 215- bad haircuts and sandals with socks...

There are fewer things more annoying in the world than your child kicking off one of their perfectly good shoes whilst in the pram and then only noticing when you get home.

Pre-children, I'd walk past singular children's shoes sitting on a wall and think, seriously, how shit a parent are you if your child is walking around in only one shoe?

But now I totally get it.

And that parent is probably sitting at home, face in hands, quietly cursing and weeping into their bank statements. 

Or, like me, loudly exclaiming,  'why lose it three days before payday?!'

So now my son has a choice of a pair of hand-me-downs that are three sizes too big or sandals and socks for the next few days. Perfect imminent snow footwear.

With that and the 'About A Boy' haircut I've given him, we're well on our way to winning the Worst Dressed Child 2015 award.

I just won't take any pictures of him for the next few weeks.

Or if I do, photoshop a decent haircut and a pair of Start-rites on him.

Job done.  


  1. I don't know how you do it - make a lost shoe hilarious - but you do. I've got my husband hooked on your blogposts too as i read them aloud to him these days.

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