Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week 213- talking, shouting and being called a dick...

My son has started to talk.

Well, when I say talk, I mean making sounds that kind of resemble real words if you were listening to them with ear plugs on underwater.

Like 'oosh' for shoes.

Or 'duddle' for cuddle.

That said, there are words that are very clearly identifiable.

'Mummy.' Which is a one-size-fits-all warrior-like cry, that starts at about 5am hollered from his cot and finishes with a shrill wail between sobs when he's overtired about 6.30pm. 

Another word he says with remarkable clarity is 'dick.'


Normally after shouting 'mummy.'


'Yes sweetheart?'

'Dick, dick, dick, dick.'

Now, I know he's not actually calling me a dick. 

But I'd be happier if he knocked that word on the head, whatever it means.

Mind you, he did call Ben a 'douche' the other day.

 So maybe he's just a massively precocious, hugely sweary 19-month-old.  

How the fuck did that happen? 


  1. my 21 year old son loves the fact that his first word was fuck, loudly and proudly at every opportunity , we were beginning to wonder if he had tourettes or a mini Father Jack in the pushchair

  2. Ah the 'oosh' brings back memories. My little girl used to say 'Daddy poo poo' when she was trying to say 'daddy beautiful' - we even videoed her saying it because it sounded so much like daddy poo poo! He's not asking for a biscuit is he as that often sounds like dick dick for young children - just a thought??? x

    1. that's a thought, I might try that next time, especially when out, as no-one wants to be called a dick by their child when in town! x

  3. My 10 month old says 'guck' with gusto whenever he drops something from his highchair. His daddy keeps trying to tell me that bub just saying 'duck' or 'truck'...I'm not convinced.

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