Sunday, 4 October 2015

Week 208- shouting, running and Corrie on catch-up...

My 18-month-old son can say, ‘mummy.’

It’s definitely mummy.

Not mumma.

Or mmmmmm.

As of two days ago, it is mummy.

The first time he said it I squeezed him so hard that he hit me over the head with a piece of Duplo.

I just thought, ‘here we go. We can now start communicating.’

And we have.

As he has very quickly realised that when he shouts, ‘MUMMY!’ I will come running in a way I didn’t so much when it was just noise.

He will peg it into another room, both arms firmly raised above his head and bellow, ‘MUMMY!’, to which I drop whatever I’m doing and appear at the door to see he’s just trying his new found power out for size.

Fair play to him.

If I found a word that would make people do what I wanted 24/7 I’d probably be yelling it too.

This would all be fine, except my daughter has realised she’s got competition.

It used to be that she acted as my son’s mouthpiece. She would second guess what he wanted and be like, ‘he doesn’t like your cooking mummy, he just wants pasta and pesto’ or ‘he’s crying because he wants to watch Frozen,’ or ‘he wants you to give me some sweets mummy, that’s why he’s upset,’ etc etc.

But now I have two children shouting my name from the moment they wake up.

All I hear is ‘ MUMMY, MUMMY, MUMMY!’ on loop like some kind of bad trip.  

And they very rarely actually want anything.

Please let him learn some more words so that I can at least shout back, ‘WHAT IS IT THIS TIME? CAN’T YOU JUST DO IT YOURSELF SO THAT I CAN FINISH WATCHING CORRIE ON CATCH-UP?’

Then we’ll really be communicating like a proper family. 


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