Sunday, 6 September 2015

Week 204- Babybels, Googling and being a grown up...

At what point does being a parent translate to being a grown up?

I'm lying on the sofa having eaten two giant cookies for dinner, iPad precariously balanced on my tummy that's making noises like a hot water bottle, and trying desperately to remember ANYTHING we were told about the new nursery my daughter is starting tomorrow.

Now, I'm not usually the most organised woman on the bus but I feel my standards have slipped to an all time low of late. 

And, as we drove back from a weekend camping with friends earlier on today, I suddenly remembered that my daughter is starting a new nursery tomorrow and we have at some point between going to the induction meeting and now, lost the pack that  answered every question I am now trying desperately to Google. 

Will they feed her?

What time do I drop her off?

Do I need to prove she is who I say she is?

Or more likely, do I need to prove I'm her mum, as we have different surnames? (Come on world, catch up with 2015, not all parents are married and I haven't just kidnapped a random 4-year-old and tried to enrol her into a nursery.)

My own mum always seemed mega together. 

I don't remember her panicking her face off that she only had half a Babybel and a yoghurt that was two days past its sell by date for my school lunch.

Or sniff testing my clothes to see what was clean and what wasn't as she'd just put the whole lot in a cupboard to give the illusion of tidiness. 

But maybe she did.

Maybe that's the key.

Give the impression you're a grown up on the outside, and only admit to your absolute besties that you still feel like it was only days ago that you finished your GCSEs and you can't believe how you have 'suddenly' got a mortgage and two children.

But for now, I have to negotiate the most pressing near crisis, and nip to the garage to get my daughter a pack lunch that doesn't say 'my mum bought this from the garage'.

First impressions last and I don't want her to be the girl who's remembered for having a Ginsters pastie, a king size Mars Bar and a scratch card for lunch on her first day.

And then I'm going to get organised. 

Like, wall charts for shopping, chores, and meals kind of organised.

Starting Monday, as all life changes take place on a Monday, I am going to turn this disorganised ship around.

So I best polish off the rest of the bag of gigantic cookies now before the new, grown up me, reveals herself tomorrow like a DIY SOS series finale. 


  1. I do a good line in " Shit they need packup tomorrow " grandson has had sponge cake still hot from the microwave with a token sprinkle of grated apple to give the impression of health , plus we do 101 things to do with plastic garage ham , im no better with the grandkids than i was with my kids , they survived so will the munchkin !!

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