Sunday 14 June 2015

Week 192- sweating, sucking teeth and staying in bed...

Some weeks it would be cheaper and more productive to stay in bed with your head under the duvet. 

This has definitely been one of those weeks. 

Firstly, the car broke down. 

Our friend came round to jump start it. 

We drove it round the corner. 

It broke down. 

The RAC came out to tow it back round the corner to our house. 

And so the garage three doors up charged us forty quid call out to tow it up the road.

Thanks guys. 

So I had to push the children over to the childminders in a double buggy before jumping on the bus to work in the morning. 

It's Pigeon Street style hilly so I was virtually horizontal pushing it along. 

And sweating. A lot. With no change of shirt and a day of meetings in an airless room.

I smelt like the inside of a marathon runners trainer, only made worse by a mercy dash to Boots to liberally squirt myself with the tester perfumes.

BO and Chanel No. 5 do not a good combination maketh. 

So there was that.

And then we got three different kitchen fitters round to quote to take out our demolition-look kitchen. 

I've never been a good cook, but what I lack in skill, I make up in enthusiasm. 

Until we moved into our new house.

The kitchen has been build on a budget of about £4.50.

On day one of moving in I opened the top drawer on a set of four, and all of them fell down. And that is how they have stayed for the last three months.

But it turns out it is not only the kitchen that's the problem.

It's the boiler that's got about seven unidentifiable wires sticking out the bottom (who knew?)

So after much sucking of teeth, all three kitchen fitters independently recommended we get the boiler replaced before doing anything to the kitchen.

Which costs more money than two round the world flights.

So there was that.

And then I dropped my phone down the loo. No insurance. Obvs. It can't be claimed on the house insurance. Of course. And the 15 year old boy in the phone repair shop spent all day taking it apart to confirm that it definitely won't ever turn on again. Perfect.

So. Car bust. Boiler virtually condemned. Phone out of action. 

Deep breath.

Come on next week.

Do your worst. 

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