Sunday, 12 April 2015

Week 183- Bubble wrap, bum cracks and learning to shut up..,

Chicken pox, eh? 

Well this feels like a massive deja vu.

Days after my daughter came down with it, I noticed two spots on my 11-month-old son. 

And, feeling like a pox veteran, I thought, hold the front door, I know what this is. And kept him home, feeling quietly smug that he had got off so lightly without even so much as a temperature.

When will I ever learn? 

The first rule on parenting; don't ever show off about ANYTHING, as you will be proved wrong every time. 

A week after I thought we were out the danger zone, I noticed him scratching away at his neck like a dog trying to get out the back door for a wee. 

And there it was. The mother spot. The queen bee. The Mac Daddy of blisters.

Two days later and he had got the worst case of chicken pox I had ever seen. 

And I've googled a lot of images of chicken pox recently.

His back looked like bubble wrap, if you replace the bubbles of protective air with water-filled, angry-looking blisters.

And they were everywhere. In his ears, his bum crack, all over his balls. He had a Mr-T-style chain of spots all around his neck. 

If that wasn't bad enough, he stopped eating. And drinking. Apart from breast milk.


Back to stage one again, except this time with teeth. 

And he won't let me put him down, anywhere. He is literally going to have to be surgically removed from my hip.

Please may his spots crust over and his appetite return asap.

And if I ever start showing off again, can someone tell me to shut the fuck up.

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