Sunday, 29 March 2015

Week 181- chickenpox, Blackadder and being under house-arrest...


The illness that keeps on giving.

As if it isn't bad enough that your child is covered head-to-toe with unsightly, unimaginably itchy blisters; you're also quarantined, well after they stop feeling ill.

We'd been under house-arrest for three long days when we eventually cracked. 

My daughter had been sitting up at the window looking out wistfully, and remarked, 'that looks fun, can I play with him?'

I went over to see who she was looking at, and it was the bin man loading the bins onto the back of the truck.

So we decided to venture out to the park as it was midweek, drizzly, the kind of weather than only pox-ridden children would step out in. 

But in a Trueman Show style scenario, the swing park was heaving with parents and vulnerably young children.

So we had to settle for kicking around in the empty field that tauntingly overlooked the park.

How do you explain to a child who, days into an illness, feels absolutely fine, that she can't play with anyone as she's highly contagious and looks like a medieval peasant from Blackadder?

And at the point when her spots start to scab, joy of joys, I notice the 'mother spot' on my 11-month-old.

So, if anyone wants to come and shout up at our window, Rapunzel fashion, we're open for visitors.

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  1. Wishing a speedy recovery and that you all get outdoors soon! We've just found out today that once Miss T starts on her Methotrexate treatment she will have to be extra cautious of Chicken pox so good on you for resisting the busy playground. I usually don't get involved with nominating or voting in any kind of blogging awards but as yours is the blog that I most look forward to reading each week and truly is the highlight of my day when it pings through on email - I have made a total of just one nomination in one category and that is you. Wish you the best with it as your blog truly is a brilliant blog!

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