Sunday 15 March 2015

Week 179- Jeremy Clarkson, Elsa from Frozen and Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day, brilliant women.

If I'd been asked four years ago it I fancied a job, which would involve:
  • No pay
  • Getting up ten minutes after I've gone to bed to have someone scream in my face/ shit on me/ stick their fingers up my nose
  • Make food to watch someone either throw it directly on the floor, or flick it over my clean clothes;

I would have assumed I was applying for a job working for Jeremy Clarkson.

But then, I didn’t know that the pay off is feeling so loved by a small person that they would scamper across the floor as fast as their little legs could crawl, just to pull themselves up on my trousers to give me a toothless grin.

Or the reward of having a three-year-old whisper in a breathy voice that I’m her best friend. That my hair is nicer than Elsa from Frozen's and I'm funnier than Dubee and Framed (You’ve Been Framed.)

So here’s to Motherhood.

The worst paid, most anti-socially houred, best job in the whole-wide-world.


  1. Ha ha, thinking the same way as you ;) in these sort of situations it always helps to look for positive sides, and you do it very well :)

  2. Happy mothers day. Yes it is the best job in the world but it's nice to get a break from it sometimes. I had my best mothers day ever as I managed to spend it away from the kids for the first time and it was bliss. X