Sunday, 26 October 2014

Week 161- tutters, starers and dropping the F bomb...

Dear passengers of the number 1a bus,

Firstly, sorry for dropping the F bomb.

I don’t normally, well not usually, when I have both children, but sometimes, just sometimes, everything stacks up until you feel like you’re going to explode.

And to be honest, none of you really helped the situation. Not one of you.

I know it’s not really your job to help stressed out mums who have two kids who are going mental on the bus. 

But just a note for next time.

Staring doesn’t help. 


And when I got my six-month-old son out of the bottom bit of the pram and attempted to strap him into the sling when he was bucking around like a dog in a bath and I couldn’t find the clip to secure him in. 

Don’t tut. 

Just don’t. 

That doesn’t help much either.

We’d had a bad night. You weren’t to know that. And even if you did, why would you care? I get that. My children are my responsibility. 

But still. It doesn’t hurt to show a bit of empathy now and then does it? 

Don’t tell me you haven’t had the odd off day.

Now. To the woman who’s leg I rammed with the pram wheel as I attempted to get off the bus. 

I’m sorry. I truly am. I’ve no idea how I managed to get the buggy jammed so tightly between the pole and you. And once it was stuck, I panicked. The pole wouldn’t move but your leg would. A bit. So, sorry about that. I understand why you got mad. I would have been cross too.

But to everyone else, as I then eventually tried to get the pram off the bus, shouting ‘THE BRAKE'S ON’ in an accusatory way isn’t going to make the situation better. I knew it was on. It’s my pram. The brake’s stiff. And it sometimes takes a second to take it off.

I know there were people standing in the rain waiting for me to get off before they could get on but I was trying my best.

I had a crying baby strapped to my chest. A screaming toddler in the buggy. A cross woman with a sore leg. And a bus full of tutters shouting about the brake.

So I dropped the F bomb at you. 

All of you.

And I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that my children heard me get so wound up by people who think that it’s a spectators sport to see someone struggle.

But next time remember, it’s OK to see if someone needs help. Or if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, then give them a smile.



PS. Also sorry to the guy who’s foot I ran over when I eventually got off the bus. You were collateral damage.

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  1. my daughter asked me why old ladies smiled at her on the bus when her toddler went into meltdown , its because we know we dont ever have to do the whole kid , needing 6 arms pushchair thing ever again!!!