Monday, 30 September 2013

Week 108- Cornish pasties, country weddings and localised baby-booms...

Weddings aren’t what they used to be sans kids.

Gone are the days of getting totally smashed by 3pm then having a complete memory wipe-out for the rest of the event until the pictures, or worse still, videos, start to emerge on Facebook.

I was at an old friend’s wedding a few years ago; the kind where you see people you haven’t seen since school, and it’s ace, and you think you’re still 15, and smoke your body-weight in fags while carrying an emergency bottle of wine with you, ‘just in case.’

The black-out started at about 2ish, and finished the next morning when Ben and I woke up in a badly made tent, canvas stuck to our faces, legs sticking out the entrance like a couples’ body bag.

Both still dressed in our best clothes.
We’d obviously tried to the erect the tent in the dark, given up and got in it anyway.
To top it all off, we’d opened the car and not closed the door so the internal light had flattened the battery.

This isn’t so easy to achieve when you’re attending a wedding with a two year old.
I know having kids at a wedding can be a bit of a pain in the arse, not only for those getting married as they need to accommodate them into their plans, but also for the childless guests who are there for aforementioned wreckedness.

So last weekend was such an immense breath of fresh air when we went to a wedding that was so focussed on family that I didn’t want to leave.


From tractor rides, to a blow-up castle, to a lady who helped the kids make wand and warrior sticks out of vines and flowers-  it made me want to live my life a bit more creatively and outdoorsyly (that word makes much more sense if said aloud.)

I think the success of the day was partly helped by the fact that the friends who were getting married have two young children who are the centre of their world.
In fact they made parenting look like so much fun before we all had kids that I think they’re partially to blame for the localised baby boom.

The other reason it was so brilliant was where we were staying.
The cottages at Bosinver, Cornwall, have been entirely developed with families in mind.
But, it’s not just the cottages, it’s the whole experience.
The children can go and help feed the animals in the morning. There’s a swimming pool that’s been designed for families, with non-slip flooring and water heated to the temperature that you never want to get out.

There was so much to do that Nancy started asking, ‘what are we going to see this time?' whenever we opened the front door.  

All these things added up to a brilliant weekend.

Actually, all these things as well as a cake baking competition, a swing band, more Cornish pasties than you can shake a big stick at and a metric shit load of local cider.

Maybe weddings with kids aren't so bad...

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