Sunday 22 September 2013

Week 107- the MAD blog awards, leopard print dresses and hugging Dr Ranj...

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the MAD Blog awards.

I was a finalist in two categories- Best Blog Writer and Blog of The Year. Although I didn’t win, it was pretty ace to get that far, and more than that, a brilliant chance to meet a lot of women who are, similarly, documenting their experiences of motherhood, but in lots of different ways.

The do was what I can only describe as the parent version of the Oscars.
Held in a swanky hotel in Kensington, the finalist, of whom there were over 70, were all dressed-up to the absolute nines. I mean, these women looked seriously good. 

Ulrika had, thank God, lent me her fab red dress, as I HATE all my clothes at the moment and either feel like a wrinkly wanna-be sixth former, or a middle-aged country-living housewife in most of my stuff.

The former as I just can’t part with a load of inappropriate leopard print outfits from about 20 years ago, the latter due to some ill-thought out Boden purchases late at night on Ebay.

More this...
than this.

As soon as Nancy is old enough for fancy-dress she’s going to have a mountain of stuff to choose from.

The thing that struck me most about the awards, was how supportive all the finalist were of each other.

I know a lot of them already knew each other through other blogging events, or on-line, but I was slightly apprehensive about turning up at an event not knowing anyone. I had the prickly-skinned nervousness on arrival, flashbacks of going to Freshers' dos in the first week of university, quietly chanting, ‘please talk to me please talk to me please talk to me.'
The thing is, an event like this could go one of two ways.

You’ve got a group of people competing for some quite weighty prizes, sitting in a room together, downing free booze.

But, and I don’t say this exclusively, as there were some dad bloggers at the awards too, I think that the supportive nature of the event was down to the fact that it’s attended almost entirely by women.

Having felt a bit self-conscious, (Ulrika’s dress looks immense on her, but she is several inches taller than me and quite a striking-looking Scandinavian - where as I am more of the shorter/Welsher-looking variety,) a fellow finalist came up to me almost the moment I walked through the foyer and told me how lovely I looked in the dress. Thank you to whoever you were. You made my night before it had even begun.
On my table at dinner I was sat with some really interesting women who write about their experiences of parenting. My Two Mums talked of how they’d met over their huge dislike of mushrooms, (great story- bit of a shame the main course was mushroom risotto).

On my other side I met Filipa who writes Gourmet Mum, a toxicologist turned food blogger. Since meeting her I’ve read her blog and am inspired enough to give some of the recipes a bash.

And also Maddie, who writes Gammon and Chips and Sarah from A Field Somewhere, both of whom are Brighton-based and I hope to see again.

I also got to hug Dr Ranj too tightly- which I imagine he was preeetty pleased about.

So. Thanks again for reading my blog.

I only hope Nancy doesn’t kick my ass when she’s old enough to read it herself...

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