Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Week 105- Turkey, touching backs and titchy beds...

Sorry for the lack of blog on Sunday. We’ve just been on our hols to Turkey.

Been on a plane with Nancy, and arrived back in England five minutes after her second birthday. So I doubt we can afford to ever go on a plane again, now we have to pay for her seat.

Turns out, the only way to survive a family holiday with a two year old is to go away with another family with a child of the same age.
Nancy was made up to discover that she’d be waking up for a whole week to her bestie, Ebba.

Nancy slept in with us the whole week in a massive bed, with crisp white sheets and plump pillows.
Worlds apart from our titchy bed with pillows we’ve had since being students that you need to fold into quarters to lift your head a millimetre off the mattress.
I kind of half forgot she was lying there, there was so much room. And she slept the night through, waking only to shuffle out of bed in search of her best mate in the morning.
It. Was. Bliss.

I got suntan. Well, I looked more grubby than brown, but still.

I got to hang out with ace friends for a whole week, as well as get a condensed period of time with Nancy and Ben, instead of just tag-teaming it between bath and bedtime.

I came back and felt refreshed.
For about 25 minutes.

Until Nancy remembered that she’s spent a week curled up in our bed. And did not, under any circumstances, want to go back to her big girl’s bed.

The only way she will even consider getting into bed, let alone close her eyes, is if I have my hand on her back. It doesn’t even need to be a whole hand.

It can be the tip of my finger. A bit like poking her.
And as her breathing slows and I think she’s about to go to sleep, I lift my finger off her.
But quick as a flash she whispers, ‘touch my back, mummy.’
First time she said it, it was ace.
I know I’m really physical with people.
In all photos of me with friends, I've got my face squashed up to theirs.
I hug people for an uncomfortable amount of time, often on first meeting.
And squeeze arms during conversation unnecessarily.
I know this can all be really annoying.
So when Nancy said that, I thought, ace. She’s got this from me. She’s going to grow up to be a bear-hugger too.
But the novelty soon wore off, as it turns out this can go on for hours.

Me lifting my finger up.

‘Touch my back, mummy.’

Putting my finger back down.

Lifting my finger up.

‘Touch my back, mummy.’

Putting my finger back down.


I said to Ben, doesn’t it drive you a bit nuts?
Turns out she’s never tried this stunt with Ben.
Instead she asks him to read more to her. Something he loves doing.
And it dawned on me- our two year old has totally got out number and is playing the pair of us like a couple of wazocks.
So. I’m going to man up.

Get this sleeping thing nailed once and for all. Weather the tantrums. And ask for the unimaginable.
A full night’s sleep in a child-free bed.
Either that, or I’m buying a time share in Turkey, and having a decent week’s sleep once a year.

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