Friday 17 May 2013

BRIGHTON FRINGE - Mummy dance-offs and surviving the festival with kids

Experiencing Brighton Fringe with your kids is exciting and exhausting in equal measure. There is so much to choose from. Over 600 family-friendly events throughout the four weeks, in fact.

So, thank you The Warren, a fab pop-up venue tucked behind raucous West Street, for providing the perfect oasis.

With an enclosed fairy-lit garden, two venues and a bar, it’s the perfect place to take a pitstop – whether for a pint, a play with the little ones, or both.

The programme looks pretty impressive as well, for children and grown-ups alike, which is no accident. Nicola Haydn, from Otherplace Productions, which runs The Warren, flags up how important it is to have events that appeal to all ages, ‘because parents should enjoy the children’s shows too.’ Hurrah!
If your child is over eight, then The Wrong Crowd’s The Girl with theIron Claws, a story of a girl who dares to follow her longing, on 21 May, is cited as one to watch at this venue. 

It’s a tough one trying to find the time or energy to go out dancing when you have young children. And when you do, there’s the little niggle that kids have stripped you of any sense of rhythm and you’ve swapped raving for the ‘baby rock’.
Baby Loves Disco, 27 May, is the perfect solution. 

It’s clubbing.
But not as we know it.

Set in Brighton nightclub Audio, the bar is transformed into a childproof space. Disco and pop are played by a club DJ, with the entertainment ranging from musical statues to a mummy dance-off.
Seriously. A mummy dance-off.

With cocktails as prizes.
There’s even a chillout area, complete with play tunnels and circus tents.

HijackFamily Fringe looks worth a gander, too, with nine days of shows, 25 May-2 June, curated for 2-12 year olds and their families.  We are promised theatre, film, comedy, dance, music and digital, at Komedia and other venues across the city.
So take a deep breath, get the rice cakes at the ready, because we’re going for a family-friendly four-week extravaganza.

Just as long as I win the mum dance-off, we’ll be laughing.

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