Sunday, 17 February 2013

Week 76- walking on Lego, Mulberry Totes and making yourself heard

Our flat feels like it's got smaller.

Now, it was never massive in the first place.

The front room and kitchen are the same room. The only difference is half the floor is covered in carpet, and the other half, lino. We tried to be clever with the space when we moved in, but turns out the walls are hollow so we can't even put shelves up.

So I just shove stuff wherever I can.

Under the bed. On top of cupboards. Under the sofa.

Thing is, Nancy now follows me round the house pulling it all out again.

In fact, half the time the flat looks like it's been burgled.

All it takes is for her to overturn a box of Duplo, and empty out her cupboard full of Tuppaware and suddenly, all the floor space is covered, and you can't walk across a room without treading on a razor sharp piece of coloured plastic.

When Nancy was little all she needed was my milk, a change of nappy and a constant supply of baby gros.

Now she's got more stuff than me. And I've got a lot of crap.

I guess it's like three people living together now, instead of two adults and a baby.

This feeling of her being a fully fledged person instead of a little baby is partly because she's started to string two words together.

Her latest line in 'conversing' is to wrap a tea towel round her neck, carry her lunch bag in the crease of her arm like an oversized Mulberry Tote, and say, 'bye bye mummy', as she waves then walks out the kitchen/ front room.

She says 'hat on', as she puts her hat on. Obviously.

And 'hot, hot', as she blows on her food before eating it, regardless of whether it's warm or not.

The conversations aren't really that different from those you'd have with the unsocialised flatmate you get shoved into halls with during your first year of university.

The boy who smokes too much weed and doesn't do any washing up.

But as Nancy acquires more vocabulary, we can start to reason. Fingers crossed.

I think, in fact, she probably understands more than she lets on already.

So give it a few weeks and maybe she'll start putting her stuff away. Not pulling dirty undies out of laundry basket and hiding them in her change bag for the childminder to find. Or throwing every morsel of food, bar gratings of cheese, onto the floor.

Or maybe she will carry on as she is.

The only difference will be our little flat will just become smaller AND louder as three people try to make themselves heard.

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