Sunday, 13 January 2013

Week 71- strong-willed women and swearing in bed

Nancy’s speech is coming on at an alarming rate.

And I realise I have to really watch what I say now, as she’s repeating almost all one syllable and having a bash at a handful of two syllable words.
It's a bit disconcerting.
Especially when we brought her into our bed the other morning and she crawled over us saying what sounded disturbingly like: ‘shit shit shit.’
I guess the shh words are quite easy to master, so it could have been sheet.
Or sheesh.
But I'm not convinced...
And it turns out I say ‘oh dear’ a lot. As Nancy now says it after most events. A nappy change. An unsuccessful meal. When you drop something.
We often end up saying it in unison.
Which is a bit weird. 
But it’s not just the repetition, though. It seems that in the last couple of weeks she’s started to understand more.
She knows where her hair is.
If you ask her to point to her nose, she does.
And after an afternoon of being wheeled around in her pram, we took her out at home and asked her if she had done a poo.

To which she patted her bum like an Asda price advert and said ‘bum bum bum.’
She knows which button to press on the washing machine for it to start. And pause. So a 30 minute cycle can take anything up to an hour if Nancy’s involved.

And she's just started rocking back and forth to music like an elderly relative at a wedding.
She says no. A lot. Shaking her head and wagging her finger. Mainly when offered another mouthful of homemade food.

But it seems like she means it. Not just because she’s seen someone else do it.
To be honest, I feel a bit out of my depth.

Up until now, I’ve been the boss.
Deciding what we do and when.

But Nancy seems to have not only developed her own voice, but her own opinions, in what feels like a matter of days.

There is no question that I want her to be strong-willed. To challenge things. To speak up if she’s unhappy about stuff.
I just thought that would all come later on.

Like when she was 16 years old.
Not 16 months.



  1. Feel your pain with this!! I asked my boy for a cuddle the other day and got told 'no mammy I'm too busy' he's 2 and a bit :( that's it he's already got no time for his poor old mum! Xx

  2. Oh no! You'll just have to get him to give you a big cuddle when he's asleep and can't protest!