Saturday 12 January 2013

Week 70- Family Days Out and chatting to monkeys

The week after New Year is always a bit of a duffer.

Taking down the decorations.

Realising that the flat’s too small for any of the gifts you’ve been given.

And then checking your bank balance to see that you’re not just a bit skint, but a pint of milk might tip you over the edge skint.

And I’ve totally run out of things to do with Nancy. It feels like we’ve been in the flat for weeks, emptying her cupboard of Tupperware onto the floor, then putting it all back again. About a million times.

So I was mega chuffed when I was given a Family Day Out ticket through MoneySupermarket Days Out Discounts to go to Battersea Park Children’s Zoo.

Firstly because I never win anything. Unless you count the odd quid on a scratch card.

But mainly because I had something to do with Nancy that didn’t involve plastic boxes.

Battersea is a bit of a nightmare to get to via train if you have children in prams.

We had to lurk at the top of a massive flight of stairs waiting for someone to give me a hand carrying the buggie down. After about 20 men in the prime ignored us, a Spanish woman with six-inch heels grabbed the front end and helped me. So worth bearing that in mind if you’re planning a trip there.

But the zoo was ace.

It’s got that old school feel, doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. There are meerkats, donkeys, a couple of emus called Ant and Dec. It’s small enough to see everything, but with enough stuff to look at to spend an afternoon there.

And for me, the best bit was watching Nancy trying to converse with a monkey.

She’s recently started showing an interest in animals. She woofs at dogs. Moos at pictures of cows.

But when she came face to face with a brown capuchin, (I obviously looked the name up in the leaflet, I’m no primate expert,) she went bonkers.

Grabbing hold of the railings. Bobbing up and down. And then, and this was the Gorillas in the Mist moment, started ‘oooh oooh ooohing’ back at one particularly inquisitive monkey.


The last couple of weeks have been a cacophony of musical flashing toys, teeth zingingly sweet food, and kids programmes on in the background all the time.

So it was great to do something outdoorsy where I felt like Nancy was experiencing new things, and getting a bit of fresh air. Even if it was in central London.

The one down side was that the café was shut. But we were told we could go to the one round the corner and bring stuff in.

The café dubbed itself as a ‘restaurant’ and ‘pizzeria’, which was a tad ambitious, as it looked from the outside more like the public loos you used to get in market squares, and from the inside, a school canteen.

But that’s splitting hairs really.

I'd totally go again.

If only to see Nancy chatting off to the monkeys.


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