Sunday, 11 November 2012

Week 62- first words, David Gray and strong-willed women

Nancy has started to speak.


According to the childminder, her vocab is now up to three words. Shoe. Spoon. And no. The first word she uttered being no. I don't think I'm going to put that one in the baby book.

Thing is, I haven't heard her say any of them.

The other morning she said something that sounded a bit like 'yes boy', in a Jamaican accent.

And then as I asked her what she thought of her tea the other day, and she said what I thought was 'shit.' But maybe I was looking out for that one, as it was crumpets and cucumber. Which, lets be frank, is a shit tea.

She babbles all the time. And I think she might understand what I say a bit.

'No' has definitely gone in. Not that she takes any notice of me. And when I say 'nose' she sticks a finger up her nostril.

But I don't understand what she's saying to me.

I was in a cafe the other day, and a couple were sat on a table behind me with their daughter, who I reckon was about Nancy's age. She was making a right racket, screaming and squirming around. And her mum, instead of getting stressed out, spoke to her softly, her daughter calmed immediately, started babbling away, and the mum said to the dad, 'she just wants some bread.'

When he came back with it, the little girl was happy and laughing. The dad commented how he wished he could understand his daughter like she did.

And I was thinking, how did you get that from what she just said? Seriously? At what point did she say bread?

I instinctively know when Nancy wants something. But that's just being her mum. And knowing her. But I can't decipher words. Actual words. We haven't developed some kind of language that only we understand.

We blow raspberries at each other. Which is kind of like chatting.

And Ben, Nancy and I sometimes all shake our heads at the same time, David Gray style. But that's more for a laugh than because we're discussing our days.

I'm desperate to find out what she's saying. What's going on in her head. Because I suspect she's going to be a really strong willed person. I can't wait to find out what she thinks about stuff. To have a proper conversation with her. And I think I'm going to have the mother of all cries the first time she tells me she loves me.

But to be honest, right now, I'd just be happy to hear her say spoon.

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