Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week 47- the Olympic Torch, singing with your eyes shut and local heroes

The Olympics seems to have been coming up for what seems like forever, so I was a bit surprised when it was suddenly here.

The torch was passing the bottom of our road and I had big plans to take Nancy. Thinking I could tell her in years to come about how we cheered as a local hero jogged passed us. Get a picture of her with crowds behind us, that kind of thing.

Unfortunately it didn't quite work out. What with the 4.30am start, I thought we'd be well in time.

But it's funny how the first two hours, when it's eye pricklingly early, can take about a week to creep by. When I can't think of anything to do to occupy Nancy, other than sing badly at her with my eyes shut. Hoping that she'll drop off instead of sticking one finger up my nostril and and another in my mouth, which is her latest trick.

And then 6.30am comes along, and I realise there's only an hour until we have to be out the house.

Nancy does a massive poo after I've just got her dressed.

And I realise there's no food to give to the childminder. Which in itself is becoming a bit embarrassing, as I don't want to keep giving her jars, as it looks like I never make Nancy anything. But when I have given the childminder home cooked food, she said Nancy spat it out. Not refused it. But spat it out. I know I'm no Delia, but come on.

So we do an emergency change. Go to the shop round the corner for an over priced jar of baby cottage pie.

And then it turns out the torch has already gone by.

But the total Olympics blunder had to be going to visit an old friend who has just had a baby in London. North East London. Or more specifically two stops on from Stratford. On the day of the Opening Ceremony.

How have I become so far removed from what's going on that I had no idea where the Olympic village is, or when everything was kicking off?

The journey there was fine.

But coming back I started panicking my face off. Imagining getting stuck with 80,000 people.

The only way, it seems, to tackle large crowd on the underground is to take the baby sling and have Nancy strapped to me, while pushing the pram along with all Nancy's stuff in it, pretending it's a baby.

That way people move out the way a bit, but I'm not shitting myself that someone's going to drop a can of Coke on Nancy's head.

So we saw the stadium. Ish. While being shepherded along by hundreds of stewards.

I felt like a bit of a prat, to be honest. Getting that close to the Olympics and not having a clue it was going on.

Well at least I can tell Nancy that she might have missed the torch, but she was at the Olympic village for the Opening Ceremony.

Kind of.

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