Saturday, 7 July 2012

Week 44- emergency vest tops, Danny De Vito and climbing up stairs

I don't know whether multi-tasking is an instinct that women are born with, or something that's developed through trial and error, and a series of things ballsing up, so realising certain combinations of 'multi tasks' don't work.

Putting on mascara and straightening your hair, for example. That doesn't work. I came to this conclusion when I dropped the straighteners, caught them with my boobs, and now have a perfectly straight burn across my chest and nipple.

This isn't the best of timings, as both Nancy and I are bridesmaids next week, and I'm wearing a low v neck dress. Well, it might be a distraction from the deflated boobs, which I intend to hoist up with the help of an expensive bra I can't afford.

I'm carrying Nancy down the aisle as well, which to be honest will be the ultimate distraction, as she's wearing a similar dress minus the low neck, and looks totally ace now her hair has grown and is all curly.

I imagine her as Danny de Vito and me as Arnie. A kind of modern day Twins of the wedding world.

The deflated boobs are partly to do with cutting back so much on the feeds. Since she started taking the bottle, I don't give her breastmilk at all in the day. Just sometimes first thing in the morning, and before bedtime. The days of sporadically having a chest like Jordan are well and truly over.

Although on the whole, Nancy has finally embraced the idea of being weaned, and doesn't clamp her mouth shut when confronted with a spoon.

This doesn't stop her from pulling up my top in search of milk when she's tired.

Which isn't great when I'm holding her on my hip and chatting to someone I haven't seen for yonks in a cafe in town.

Especially as I've stopped wearing the emergency concealing vest tops under all my clothes, so anyone who's bothered to look, gets an eye full of post baby belly and stretch marks.

I don't know whether it's the move to grown up food, the holiday in the lakes, or just the age she is, but daily she seems to be accomplishing new things. Or trying stuff out, not quite getting it, then trying the next day and nailing it.

Like crawling up the three stairs to the bathroom. I watched in wondered and horror as she got her knee up on the first step, slipped back down, and then attempted it again without getting upset. This time successfully.

She's also mastered standing up in her cot and leaning over to bang the door, when she wakes at 5.30am. I was impressed the first day, but by day three this development was getting a bit annoying.

But my favourite new thing that she's started doing is watching the washing machine like the telly.

She crawls over, sits up on her knees, puts both of her hands on the glass, and watches, mesmerised. Regularly coming back in stages for the whole cycle.

So much so that I've changed the programme from the 30 minute fast one, which to be honest, might be better for the environment, but was just wetting and making our clothes smell clean instead of getting any of the grub out, to the full 1 hour 45, so she can get maximum enjoyment.

Maybe that's the secret.

At 10 months, Nancy has cracked what I haven't worked out in 33 years.

Don't multi-task.

It just results in frizzy hair and burnt boobs.

Just do one thing at a time and keep going at it till you get it right.

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