Monday 9 January 2012

Week 18- breaking resolutions, lying to weight watchers and sperm donors

The resolutions aren't going brilliantly so far. I've started lying to the on line weight watchers website about how much weight I've been losing because I like the congratulatory message it gives you, 'well done you've lost 2 pounds this week, keep it up!' when actually I've put on a pound, even though I only ate a Tracker bar for breakfast, cut my nails and stood naked on the scales. I think it's almost certainly because I'm not recording most of the food I'm eating and the bits I am recording, I'm not weighing, so it's no great suprise that I don't look like Cindy Crawford (yet, although she is in her 40's so maybe I should also update my references for new year instead of aspiring to be 80's icons.)

This week is our first week of attempting a routine, by that I mean meeting the same friends for coffee each week, going to the pictures every Wednesday and Ulrika and I are trying out a mother and baby music group. It would be great to get to the point when I can look to my week ahead and have a rough idea of what I'm doing, instead of panicking, arranging loads of stuff at the last minute, then dragging poor Nancy around town and knackering both of us out.

I had to go for a check up with the nurse this morning.She asked me afterwards where I'd found a man who was committed enough to have a baby with me. She said her daughter, who is in her thirties, is desperate for a child but doesn't have a boyfriend, that she'd tried internet dating and just met weirdos and that all her mates are married off so don't have any eligible friends. She said she'd even started going back through her black book of old boyfriends to see if she could reconsider any of them as potential sperm donors. I left feeling quite positve, I mean at least I'm not having to go back out with the hippy/ older man/ control freak/ doley choice of ex boyfriends to have Nancy. Also I hope my mum doesn't talk that frankly about the stuff I tell her when she's at work.

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