Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Week 17 - new years resolutions, not being hungover and making way for Nancy

Happy New Year! It's a bit different celebrating with a four month old that's for sure, but I liked it, not being hungover, not waking surrounded by take away pizza boxes trying to work out if a) I ate them all and b) if the receipt for 60 quid was paid for by me or fingers crossed whoever else came back to the flat which is the start of the impending sense of doom trying to drudge up last nights memories and if I need to make a list of people to apologise to. So all in all I feel fantastic compared to last year.

It's weird looking to the year ahead and what it might hold. Previous resolutions have been lose weight, write more, be nicer blah blah blah, but this year, although they are pretty much the same, I have a little person I want to make proud of me, so the resolutions somehow feel more sincere, so...

1. Be a good mum to Nancy, someone she will look up to, be proud and like
2. Get fit and lose baby weight (and the rest.)
3. Become a 'writer' instead of writing plays and then never reading them again. Write often, enter competitions, be proud to write.
4. Read better more challenging books, not just detective novels (although since I've been given an iPad for Christmas from Ben's folks I can buy them and put them straight onto the computer so it makes that one a bit more challenging)
5. Get rid of all clothes, books, things that are no longer needed or cherished. Make way for Nancy and her things.
6. Don't be so emotional,by that I don't mean don't care, just ease off on the regular crying and hissy fits, this house isn't big enough for two babies.

I'm a bit nervous about this year, since Nancy was born we were all about making it to Christmas and then thinking about routines and the future once we were in the new year. Well we're here now and she will grow and develop into a little girl and I don't know what I'm meant to do for her. She's so happy and smiley all the time, I take it for granted that this is going to be a breeze but actually I haven't got a clue what you're meant to do with a baby whose older than Nancy.

So here's to a year of discovery and adventure, as a mum, a daughter, a girlfriend, a career person and a friend. And see if there's anyway to be good in all those roles.

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