Tuesday 3 January 2012

Week 16 - snow, kids and Christmas and giving duff presents

Having a child at Christmas is the best thing ever, even when they're as young as Nancy everyone seems to enter into the spirit more. We've seen so many relatives and friends, been given so many presents and eaten so much that I wish I hadn't paid 30 quid for the last three months subscription to on line weight watchers as it will be for absolutely nothing.

And it snowed. Only for about 15 seconds and it didn't settle, but still, Nancy's seen her first snow.

People's generosity was astounding this year, so much so that I think that we'll have to have a bit more of a think on next year about what we get people so we don't look so tight. I know it's not about getting like for like, but an iPad, posh shampoo, expensive candles, a ukulele and aftershave in exchange for a calendar of nancy doesn't seem like a fair present swap! (we gave the calendar in case there was any confusion...)

But we did the northern trip again, dad even had t shirts printed for us saying 'nancy on tour part deux' and we didn't end up in hospital, in fact Nancy slept the whole journey home, so we're getting good at this travelling lark. Next trip the lakes for great Auntie Margaret's 90th birthday in February. Cripes.

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