Monday 12 December 2011

Week 13- cooking curries, fat mums and falling out with the man in the shop

So there is now another shop that I intend avoiding in our area, and unfortunately it's the one just round the corner that sells milk and bread and all the useful day to day stuff. The man who works in there the most has already put me in a bit of a situation, as I went in there last week to buy an onion, and he said ‘are you making a curry?’ (which I thought was a bit of a stab in the dark from just an onion) to which I replied ‘no, but I’d like to.’ It turns out he is a chef every Wednesday in a curry house in Hove and asked if I wanted to come down and learn how to make a curry one Wednesday, I said I would even though a) there’s no way I can with Nancy and b) I don’t actually want to. Anyway, every time I go in there he makes a big thing of forgetting the menu and I act disappointed and then we both get a bit embarrassed.
So I went in there yesterday to buy either milk or bread, I forget which, and I had Nancy strapped to my front, and he says, ‘how is he?’ and I say ‘she’s fine’ and he says ‘he’ll be talking soon,’ and I say ‘Nancy’s only three months’ and he says ‘ahhh he’s big like his mum’ and I’m totally gobsmacked, and reply ‘yes he is.’ Cheeky shit. At least it got us off the curry convo but I thought I was doing pretty well with the old weight watchers, and now I’m back to big fat step one. On the plus side I’ll have to walk about half a mile to the next shop so that can’t do me any harm.

Christmas negotiations still under way. I am starting to realise I am a bit uncompromising and a bit selfish.

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