Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Week 6- arty films and hugging strangers

This week felt like a bit of a landmark with getting out and about with Nancy. Firstly, we went to the pictures. The arty cinema down the bottom of the road opens its door to mums with babies under 1 on a Wednesday morning.

I made a friend there, as I had two for one tickets with Orange so asked the woman behind me in the queue if she’d like to go in with me, she was also waiting for her friend and looked like she was a bit worried she wasn’t going to be able to shake me off to start with, but I only wanted to sit next to her, not go for dinner. Anyway, this was my first meeting a mum encounter. We talked about how brilliant Infacol was for wind, how her baby had a high pallet so breastfeeding was very uncomfortable and left her nipple looking like a lipstick, the benefits of baby massage, and how quickly you forgot about going to work. When I asked her what her job was she said she worked in a bank, and I told her I worked in arts education, and we looked at each other uncomfortably scrabbling about for things to say. And then she asked me if I’d considered baby sign language, and we were chatting away like old friends again. She said she’s sit in the same seat next time, I told her I’d be away for a week would look out for her the following week, then I ruined it a bit by giving her a hug.


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